A head to head comparison of a 2017 Nissan Quest to a 2017 Ram ProMaster City Wagon in Ergonomics near Macon, GA.

  • Childre Nissan Journal
  • Nov 12th 2017 - 1078 days ago
  • Macon, GA
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Compared To Ram ProMaster City Wagon 2017

When two different drivers share the Quest Platinum, the memory seats and mirrors make it convenient for both. Each keyless remote activates different, customized memories for the driver’s seat position and outside mirror angle. The ProMaster City Wagon doesn’t offer a memory system.

The Quest Platinum’s standard easy entry system glides the driver’s seat back when the door is unlocked or the ignition is switched off, making it easier for the driver to get in and out. The ProMaster City Wagon doesn’t offer an easy entry system.

If the front windows are left down on the Quest SV/SL/Platinum the driver can raise them using the key in the outside lock cylinder. On a hot day the driver can lower the windows from outside the vehicle using the key in the outside lock cylinder or the keyless remote. The driver of the ProMaster City Wagon can only operate the windows from inside the vehicle, with the ignition on.

The Intelligent Key standard on the Quest allows you to unlock the driver’s door, cargo door and start the engine all without removing a key from pocket or purse. This eliminates searching for keys before loading groceries, getting in the vehicle in bad weather or making a hurried start to your trip. The Ram ProMaster City Wagon doesn’t offer an advanced key system.

The Quest SV/SL/Platinum’s power side sliding doors make it much easier to load and unload kids and cargo. One touch opens the door, before you even get to the van. The ProMaster City Wagon doesn’t offer a power rear door.

The Quest has a standard locking fuel door with a remote release located convenient to the driver. A locking fuel door helps prevent vandalism, such as sugar in the tank and fuel theft. The ProMaster City Wagon doesn’t offer a locking fuel door.

The Quest’s speed-sensitive wipers speed up when the vehicle does, so that the driver doesn’t have to continually adjust the speed of the wipers. The ProMaster City Wagon’s fixed intermittent wipers only have one fixed delay setting, so the driver will have to manually switch them between slow and intermittent.

To improve rear visibility by keeping the rear window clear, the Quest has a standard rear wiper. A rear wiper costs extra on the ProMaster City Wagon.

The Quest SL/Platinum has a standard automatic headlight on/off feature. When the ignition is on, the headlights automatically turn on at dusk and off after dawn. The ProMaster City Wagon doesn’t offer automatic headlights.

When the Quest Platinum is put in reverse, both rearview mirrors tilt from their original position. This gives the driver a better view of the curb during parallel parking maneuvers. Shifting out of reverse puts the mirrors into their original positions. The ProMaster City Wagon’s mirrors don’t automatically adjust for backing.

The Quest SL/Platinum’s standard rear view mirror has an automatic dimming feature. This mirror can be set to automatically darken quickly when headlights shine on it, keeping following vehicles from blinding or distracting the driver. The ProMaster City Wagon doesn’t offer the luxury of an automatic dimming rear view mirror.

The Quest SV/SL/Platinum’s standard dual zone air conditioning allows the driver and front passenger to choose two completely different temperatures so people with different temperature preferences won’t have to compromise. This makes both the driver and front passenger as comfortable as possible. The ProMaster City Wagon doesn’t offer dual zone air conditioning.

The Quest SV/SL/Platinum’s standard automatic temperature control maintains the temperature you set, automatically controlling fan speed, vents and temperature to maintain a consistent, comfortable environment. The ProMaster City Wagon doesn’t offer automatic air conditioning.

For greater rear passenger comfort, the Quest has standard rear a/c vents to keep rear occupants more comfortable. The ProMaster City Wagon doesn’t offer rear vents.

The Quest (except S) offers an optional 115-volt a/c outlet on the center console, allowing you to recharge a laptop or run small household appliances without special adapters that can break or get misplaced. The ProMaster City Wagon doesn’t offer a house-current electrical outlet.