Childre Nissan Compares 2004 Nissan Maxima VS 2004 Infiniti G35 Near Gray, GA

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2004 Nissan Maxima

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2004 Infiniti G35

Safety Comparison

Both the Maxima and the G35 Sedan have standard driver and passenger frontal airbags, front side-impact airbags, head airbags, front seatbelt pretensioners, height adjustable front shoulder belts, plastic fuel tanks, four wheel antilock brakes, available traction control and electronic stability systems to prevent skidding.

Warranty Comparison

There are almost 7 times as many Nissan dealers as there are Infiniti dealers, which makes it much easier to get service under the Maxima’s warranty.

Reliability Comparison

The Maxima’s reliability is better than the G35 Sedan’s. In Consumer Reports, the Maxima’s reliability is 10% better.

Engine Comparison

The Maxima’s 3.5 DOHC V6 produces 5 more horsepower (265 vs. 260) than the G35 Sedan’s 3.5 DOHC V6.

Fuel Economy and Range Comparison

The Nissan Maxima gets better fuel mileage than the G35 Sedan:


G35 Sedan


20 city/29 hwy

20 city/27 hwy


20 city/28 hwy

18 city/26 hwy

Brakes and Stopping Comparison

For better stopping power the Maxima’s brake rotors are larger than those on the G35 Sedan:


G35 Sedan

Front Rotors

12.6 inches

11.65 inches

Tires and Wheels Comparison

For better traction, the Maxima has larger standard tires than the G35 Sedan (225/55R17 vs. 215/55R17). The Maxima 3.5SE’s tires are larger than the largest tires available on the G35 Sedan (245/45R18 vs. 215/55R17).

The Maxima 3.5SE’s tires provide better handling because they have a lower 45 series profile (height to width ratio) which provides a stiffer sidewall than the G35 Sedan’s 55 series tires.

For better ride, handling and brake cooling the Maxima 3.5SE has standard 18 inch wheels. The G35 Sedan’s largest wheels are only 17 inches.

Suspension and Handling Comparison

For better handling and stability, the average track (width between the wheels) on the Maxima is 2.1 inches wider in the front and 2.1 inches wider in the rear than the track on the G35 Sedan.

The Maxima 3.5SE handles at .84 G’s, while the G35 Sedan pulls only .80 G’s of cornering force in a Car and Driver skidpad test.

Chassis Comparison

To almost totally eliminate engine vibration in the passenger area, the Maxima automatic has an electronically controlled liquid-filled front engine mount. A computer controlled electric current in the liquid changes its viscosity, allowing the mount to dampen the engine completely at all RPMs. The G35 Sedan uses conventional solid rubber engine mounts.

Passenger Space Comparison

The Maxima has 5.6 cubic feet more passenger volume than the G35 Sedan (103.6 vs. 98).

The Maxima has .3 inches more front legroom, 1.3 inches more front hip room, 1.5 inches more front shoulder room, 2.9 inches more rear legroom, .7 inches more rear hip room and 1 inch more rear shoulder room than the G35 Sedan.

Cargo Capacity Comparison

The Maxima has a larger trunk than the G35 Sedan (15.5 vs. 14.8 cubic feet).

The Maxima’s standard rear seats fold to accommodate long and bulky cargo. The G35 Sedan doesn’t offer folding rear seats, only a ski pass-through.

Ergonomics Comparison

To help each driver find a more comfortable driving position, the Maxima offers a telescoping steering wheel. Much better than just a tilt steering wheel or adjustable seat, this allows a short driver to sit further from the steering wheel while maintaining contact with the pedals. The G35 Sedan doesn’t offer a telescoping steering wheel.

The Maxima has a lever hand brake in the console, easy to use while keeping both feet free and not impeding entry and exit. The G35 Sedan’s foot pedal parking brake is not handy to use as a hill holding device with a manual transmission.

To help drivers avoid possible obstacles, the Maxima has standard cornering lights to illuminate around corners. The G35 Sedan doesn’t offer cornering lights.

To improve comfort and visibility, the Maxima has standard secondary sun visors that block glare from two directions simultaneously. The G35 Sedan doesn’t offer any similar feature.

A power rear sun shade is optional in the Maxima to help block heat and glare for the rear passengers. The G35 Sedan doesn’t offer a rear sun shade.

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